11 things! (and 7 others)

Where has this 11 thing come from? It’s suddenly all over the place and Josh Round has very considerately! tagged me on his 11 things nobody knew about him. I actually really enjoyed reading his post and finding more about a person I only know on social networks. It’s funny how you build up an idea of someone from the snippets of information you get from tweets and blog posts …. I remember wondering how Josh knew about Catalan human towers but I now think the Spanish wife might have something to do with that. Congratulations Josh, on your 1st blogging anniversary by the way.

So here you go, for those of you interested :-S, here are 11 things that you probably don’t know about me:

1. One of the most frightening experiences of my life was being caught in a 7.9 earthquake in 2007 in Pisco, Peru.

2. I am an unashamed wildlife junkie

3. One of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had is coming face to face with wild mountain gorillas in Uganda.Mountain Gorilla

4. I’m not very fond of snakes and tend to see proportionately more snakes in the wild than anyone else!

5. The most useful course I have ever done was the Advanced Diploma in Language Teaching Management (now called the IDLTM) – highly recommended for anyone working in or wanting to move into management.

6. I love trekking – favourite piece of equipment: my crampons 🙂

7. I go birdwatching all around the world but I don’t twitch.

8. The 3 women I most admire most are: Jane Goodall, Diana Fossey and Biruté Mary Galdikas (notice a pattern?)

9. I have spent more years of my life living outside Britain (mostly in Catalonia) which gives rise to interesting questions about identity.

10. Most useful book I read in 2013 is To Sell is Human, by Daniel Pink

Shoebill11. The shoebill has to be the most incredible bird I’ve ever seen.

I have been saved from answering 11 questions because Josh didn’t post any. However, I will post 7 of my own and tag 7 interesting and very talented EFL technical or management people in case they feel like rising to the challenge (no pressure).

7 questions

1. What’s the best thing about blogging?

2. What’s the worst?

3. If you no longer teach, what do you miss most about not being in the classroom?

4. If you could turn the clock back, would you have done anything different in your professional career?

5. Who is the person who has had most of an impact on your professional career in the EFL world?

6. If you could only access one blog, which blog would that be?

7. What language would you most like to be able to speak?

And my tagged targets are:

Tom Walton @Tom_IHBCN

Nick Robinson @nmkrobinson

Shaun Wilden @Shaunwilden

Rachel Appleby @rapple18

Pete Sharma @Petesharma

Chris Moore @mr_chrismoore

Paul Braddock @bcnpaul1

Happy 2014!!

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